Jim Harold

Profile – Jim Harold

jim-harold-bioWhen I was young I was given an old ‘Box Brownie’ camera, albeit inoperable, I would look down into the viewfinder, frame up my family, pets or surroundings and I would push the shutter button pretending to take a photo. This was a lot of fun for a while but I soon shelved the Brownie and acquired my first ‘real’ camera; a cheap Kodak Instamatic with black and white film. A succession of similar (cheap) cameras and the introduction of colour film kept me entertained up until the age of eleven, when I purchased a shiny new Fujica  35mm film camera. This camera was my pride and joy and never left my side. Used films were taken to the nearest ‘chemist’ and after a few days (felt like months) the prints and a replacement film would be ready to collect. There was no equal to the thrill and excitement of opening that envelope and checking out the prints. (Although I now use the latest in digital photographic technology, when a big print arrives from the Pro-Lab I feel just like that 11 year old kid all over again)

With my fancy (to me) new camera I would photograph anything that moved and over the years I accumulated 1000’s of 6 x 4 inch printed photographs. I have always loved sharing my photos and would present them to anyone willing to look at them. I could entertain the most discerning viewer with a seemingly endless supply of photo albums. But it wasn’t until I commissioned a professional photographer to take family portraits and saw the quality of the resulting prints that it became quite obvious I hadn’t yet mastered the art of photography. Immediately I set about rectifying his. I upgraded some of my equipment and enrolled in a 12 month photography course. My skills improved dramatically and set me on a path to which there was no turning back.

Around 2011 my attention was taken by a photographer whom had just won the ‘Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the year award’. The photographs were breathtaking, but they were not just photos, whey were beautiful works of art and they left me in awe. I knew there and then that ‘landscape photography’ would be my life’s passion.

After this realisation I decided it was time to ‘get serious’ with my photography and I started a crash course in advanced photographics.  I attended workshops with the best landscape photographers Australia had to offer. I completed a Diploma of Business and Business Administration. I studied Advanced Colour Management, Profiling and Fine Art Printing at various venues in and around Brisbane and, of course, I put all this knowledge into practice by photographing and processing images until I was satisfied with the result. Subsequently another equipment upgrade was required to produce the enormous ‘digital master files’ that are essential for creating huge crystal clear prints.

I have since traveled 1000’s of kilometers in a quest  to find and photograph Australia’s most beautiful places. All photographers know a great photo is all about the ‘light’.  My purpose built van allows me to ‘camp’ as near the subject as possible and also gives me the best opportunity of capturing the landscape in the early mornings or late afternoons when the light is at its most magnificent.

This new found experience combined with my love for travel, has given me the ability to create beautiful images that once I could only have dreamt of.

Setting up this web site is one of the last stages of my business plan and I hope to use it as a platform to share, inspire others and offer my images for sale.